About Šek (shek)

Thoughtful design with your story in mind.


We use the necessary mediums to tell the client’s story, create an experience or solve problems through design. We specialize in brand identity design systems, which includes logo design, marketing collateral and photography. We provide boutique-level design services at more affordable prices than larger agencies and we’re an established, reliable resource when hiring a freelancer isn’t the long term solution. Our clients are business owners and entrepreneurs who value the power of design. They understand that creating an experience begins with strategic thinking and an open mind. Whether it’s rebranding a business, building out a new campaign or designing your next website, we’ll be there with a pencil in hand, ready to listen.

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Clients, Past + Present


Keyport Liquor

Šek Design Studio did a great job building our new brand. I cant wait for our customers to see it come to life. It will truly give us the step up I was looking for. Thanks again to the Sek team for the fantastic work.

-Nick C.

Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra

Mike and the team at Šek Designs embraced our idea of celebration for our 90th Season.  They created fun and informative graphics for each concert, integrated into a colorful, clean presentation.  The reaction I have received from other colleagues across the orchestral industry are all complimentary – impressed with the clarity in visual communication. Thank you!
– Brandon V.

Great Lakes Sober Living

Šek designs listened to my mission, vision and passion for helping people live in recovery and manifested it into a clean, classy and cohesive brand identity.  All of the elements have meaning, purpose and recognizability. From the logo to the website, it all represents Great Lakes Sober Living exactly how I wanted.  Thanks Šek designs for all you do!
– Brian A.

Recovery Alliance Duluth (RAD)

Šek Design did an exceptional job of creating our logo and it’s story, which beautifully illustrates the essence of RAD (Recovery Alliance Duluth). It was an amazing experience and we want to convey that to the rest of the world. The brand identity and logo development process created an opportunity for us to articulate our hopes and dreams for the future of recovery support services in the Duluth community and surrounding areas.
– Beth E.

The Duluth Experience

Small businesses face all kinds of challenges in today’s marketplace, not the least of which is brand identity. More important than an eye-catching logo is a thoughtful and strategic message that highlights a business’s identity and mission. Mike and his team at Šek Design understand the importance of functional design that combines storytelling with high-end design. Mike guided us through the important process of revisiting our company mission and considering new ways of effectively communicating our mission through design. Now we have a fresh, new look that tells our story in a thoughtful, strategic way. In the end, our rebrand has resulted in a renewed excitement for our brand – both internally with our team and externally with our guests.
– Dave G. 

The Rambler

We could go on forever about how much we love our new Rambler site! The new site has really helped tie the sophisticated design of our new truck in with our mobile identity. It is wonderful to now have a unified brand across all aspects of our business from how we look in the eyes of our customers out on the streets to their first impressions that they see when the search out our name. Both the mobile and desktop versions of our new site have been carefully thought out by you guys for our specific customers. It is now easier than ever for people to track us down and that is an absolute necessity for a restaurant that is on the move! The schedule section has been PERFECT! First of all it was very easy to set up on our end, and secondly it has been great for people who may not have social media or otherwise to figure out exactly where we are at and possibly plan out a stop at the Rambler ahead of time! Like I said, I could go on forever!!

Thanks again for everything!
– Jon & Kelsey

Bailey Builds

We absolutely love our logo design by Šek!! The simple bold design mirrors our work, capturing our distinctive style. We are thrilled that one simple image can speak so effectively for us. Thanks Mike, for capturing our brand!! We highly recommend Šek Design for all your design work.
– Anna

Minnesota Whitewater Rafting

We love the new clean branding from Šek Design. The logos are clear, bold, and clearly understood to represent Minnesota Whitewater Rafting. They convey the simple joy and adrenaline rush found while rafting. The new branding now stands out and can easily be read on all our vehicle wraps and advertising. Our customers have said they like the new designs. Thank you Šek Design!
– Chris L. 

Destination Duluth

Thanks for all you’ve done to make the website so great! Everyone we’ve shown it to has been very receptive to its layout, functionality and appeal.
– Jerry T.


I love both our logo and our website. Mike did an amazing job creating both!
– Executive Director Kelly Burger

I think our logo is wonderful.
-Domestic Abuse Program Coordinator Martina Tendrup

I love our new logo!
– Shelter Program Coordinator Joanne Sanders

Since its redesign, CASDA’s website more accurately reflects the services we provide in the community, as well as the diversity of people who utilize our resources. The new site also features CASDA’s new logo, designed and donated by Šek Designs’ Mike Smišek, who served as content strategist and designer throughout the redesign process. The logo has improved our branding in the community, helping people more easily identify and engage with CASDA, whether they are a prospective volunteer, donor, or — most importantly – a victim or survivor seeking our services.

All of us at CASDA are grateful for Mike’s creativity and partnership throughout our re-branding process. While our prior logo and website stated our name and our services, our new logo and website go farther to highlight our message of non-violence, while also telling the story of the individuals and families we serve and of our impact in the community.
– Jill H.


Thank you Šek Design for your excellent work on our music marketing at UWS.  It has already been a game-changer in regards to our image as we reach out to students and the community.
– B. Jones

Wise Fool Theater

“I just started working with Sek Design this year, and I can’t believe what a difference it’s made already for Wise Fool Theater. Make room in your budget for a professional graphic designer – period. I’ve thrown everything you can think of at them, and it’s all come back looking fantastic, even when I forget about my own deadlines and say I need it “yesterday”. Make the leap!”
-Chani N.

Google Reviews

Sek Design is an amazing graphic design and strategic marketing outfit. They work with you to build a comprehensive, attractive marketing strategy that is specific to your business. I would highly recommend Sek Designs for people that want to make their marketing and graphics more effective at reaching their customer base.
– Oliver K.

Every piece of advertising I’ve seen from Sek designs has been creative and stunning. Top notch work!
– Spencer M.

The work coming out of Sek Designs is phenomenal!  If you are looking for a new logo, or poster design or anything that could use an artistic touch, I would highly recommend Sek Designs!
-Charlie D.

Amazing illustrations and design detail! Mike really pays attention to your needs and comes highly recommended!
– Ryan M.

LOVE the personalization, along with true heart and soul that Mike puts into the very project!
– Amy J.

Michael of Sek Design has several qualities I believe a great graphic designer should have. He has an incredible eye for detail.  He listens to you.  He can meld your dreams with his vision.  He can take you from “Start to Finish” when developing your business brand or he can do individual promo pieces for you.  I recommend you contact Michael next time you need his artistic touch.
– Jim S.

Mike is brilliant. His art is an incredible asset to the Duluth community!
– Paula M.