Designed to Help

Designers are problem solvers by nature. We can help simplify a message, visually communicate a feeling, or inspire an action. 

While we can’t, however, solve the number of larger, more devastating problems we’re facing right now, we’d like to at least help in some way. That’s why we created the Šek Design Grant.

We’re offering fellow businesses and organizations the chance to receive $2,000 worth of pro bono design services to help elevate some of the hardship they’re burdened with.

To be considered, fill out our short form (it’s super short, we promise) and let us know how your business could benefit from donated design work. Brand identity development, logo design, marketing material creation, and web design is our bread and butter, but feel free to submit any project that could help elevate your message and connect with your customers.

Complete your form submissions by June 26th, 2020 for your chance to be considered for the grant.  

Šek Design Grant

To see how we’ve helped other businesses in the past, visit our work page.