Informing Safely and Intentionally

Over the past several weeks, many businesses have been able to turn their closed signs to open; DLH Clothing being one of them. With the reopening, came the addition of various procedures to safely welcome back both customers and staff. One of the ways to do that? You probably guessed it because you’ve seen it all over the place — signage.

Business signage is a straightforward and beneficial way to communicate with consumers. Signs help navigate, build understanding, and give simple direction. They not only inform but can also set the tone for a space. However, business signs are often overlooked and slapped together without much thought. In light of COVID-19, store signage has become especially important as it is used to redirect and inform customers during these uncertain times. 

Connecting with Customers (and Branding) through Signage

As DLH prepared to reopen, we created signage that clearly and effectively communicated their message in a brand-focused way. Beyond listing the store’s new procedures and requests (their purpose after all), the signs brought a playful warmth to the space instead of simply flashing warnings to “where a mask”. The new signs can be found on the door and throughout the store, but they don’t impede on the store’s overall esthetic but rather enhance it.

As part of the signage and goal to inform, we also created floor decals that resembled the look of a trail winding throughout the store. Fitting perfectly with the brand’s personality. Dots line the floors, with the DLH logo marking every 6-feet, to enforce a safe customer traffic flow and social distancing practices. DLH loved the look of the trail so much that they’re thinking of incorporating it into wall decals and other branding materials. 

While the ultimate goal was to help DLH reopen safely, we still wanted to create pieces that allowed their unique brand to shine through. 

To see how everything came together, stop by and check it out for yourself next time you’re in Lincoln Park! 


DLH Clothing | 12 N 20th Ave W, Duluth, MN

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