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Sarah Hill


Sarah adds a unique background to the Šek team. She is a designer who also happens to be a licensed Architect. With a Bachelor of Architecture from Iowa State University and a Master of Urban Design from Washington University in St. Louis, Sarah has spent 10 years working with architecture firms on a wide range of projects from small-scale kitchen remodels to the complex configurations of international airports. After spending time in Minneapolis and Seattle, Sarah and her husband moved to Duluth which provided the perfect pivoting point to try out a different design field. Her graphics are reminiscent of her architectural style – intentional, minimal and precise. We enjoy the unique perspective and refined aesthetic Sarah brings to every project. 

Sarah’s favorite aspect of any design, graphics or architecture, is the personal relationships they create. A successful project requires an intimate knowledge of the client’s business and vision. As a designer, you are invited to play an active role in someones passion. Sarah thrives off this energy and loves to use her talents to help clients to realize their dreams; to take the spark of an idea and transform it into something tangible. She enjoys the fast-paced nature of graphic design and the challenge of creatively summarizing a client’s story into a graphic, or two.

Out of the office, you can find Sarah spending time (hopefully outside) with her husband, adorable daughter and energetic dog. During her daughter’s nap time, Sarah focuses on her passion project, Embolden Society, or one of her many creative endeavors – jewelry, sewing, screen printing, or her current obsession of transforming all recipes to be deliciously plant-based.


At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?

If money were no object, I could easily reach my credit card limit (and beyond) at The Citizenry, a socially-minded online retailer of artisan-made home goods. The Citizenry partners with small artisans across the globe to create products that highlight regional craftsmanship and preserve tradition while maintaining a modern and minimal aesthetic. Their products are made in limited quantities using locally sourced, natural materials. Beyond the quality and smart design, The Citizenry provides its partners with fair pay and economic opportunities, including sustaining grants, to further assist these artisan communities to thrive. So yes please, I’ll take that rug, those wood lounge chairs, and a few pillows to tie it all together. Seriously, check them out.