Advanced Surgical Associates of Northern Minnesota

Advanced Surgical Associates of Northern Minnesota. A lot is included in its name, but the practice has a much greater story behind it than it leads on.

Dr. John Bollins, DO General Surgery Specialist, started the practice with a vision to lead healthcare forward. The practice pridefully incorporates the latest technologic advancements in robotic surgery. It also has set in place an operational structure that empowers its associates to directly impact the practice. Their focus is on providing the very best patient care — not on how many patients they can see in any given hour.

Behind the Design

When creating Advanced Surgical Associate’s visual branding, we wanted to include the pivotal elements that make the practice unique. First and foremost, that included highlighting the industry-leading technology the surgeons will use. We chose to captured that through a simplified robotic surgical arm. We developed the arm into the shape of an “A” to represent the “Advanced” part of the organization’s name. Additional elements were added to bring depth to the overall logo. The colorful circles give nods to the wide service coverage area the practice will have as well as the network of associate surgeons working together.

Next, we worked to find creative solutions for fitting the practice’s particularly long name into a cohesive logomark. We developed several variations for how the text of the name could be use to account for various mediums the logo will be presented. This includes placements like the website, social media, apparel, etc. The website was a particularly fun avenue to extend the brand too. Visit Advanced Surgical Associates’ site to see for yourself.


Our approach to Advanced Surgical Associates of Northern Minnesota’s brand is how we tackle all of our brand identity work. We uncover the story behind the organization and then work to tell that story succinctly through visual branding. To see another logo design that packs a lot of punch (i.e. meaning) view the branding work we did for Rise Above Suicide Stigma.