Audacity HR

Audacity HR came to us wanting to bring a fresh feel to their brand. They wanted to break away from primarily using black and white. They wanted to standout.

We began first with the Audacity HR’s logo. As we wanted the logo’s use to be flexible, we untied it from living within a box. Next, we created the “a” icon to stand on its own as a shorthand symbol of the brand. The icon purposely contains a connection emblem within the “a” to showcase how Audacity HR can provide a path to HR solutions for businesses.

Bringing a new feel to the brand, for us, included featuring Stacy Johnston. Stacy is the owner of Audacity HR, and highlighting her helped humanize the brand, especially within social media channels. In addition to Stacy, we incorporated vibrate colors to instill warmth and create interest.

Take a look through the brand’s transformation, and let us know if we can help elevate your brand!