Barker’s Island Marina

We love when we can be an extension of our clients’ teams. A true partner. It ultimately helps make sure the new brands we create are implemented as they were designed to be. But on top of that, it also takes a lot off of business’ plate. With Šek driving the brand development and brand rollout, a business doesn’t have to spend time going back and forth with printers on design specs. There’s no digging around for font files. No wondering how to post on social media. We’ll take care of that all.

That is just the type of on-going, partnering relationship we established with Barker’s Island Marina.

Barker’s Island Marina

Barker’s Island Marina is a complete boating center and marina community located in the Duluth-Superior Harbor on Superior Bay. They offer everything from docking, marina community amenities, boat service (of all kinds!), boat storage, and boat sales. Needless to say, they’ve got a lot going on.

Šek entered the picture to create a new brand identity for the Marina. One that would help them stand apart from other marinas in the areas. We set to work developing a comprehensive brand system. One that not only differentiated Barker’s from competitors, but that also helped showcase the experience customers can expect to have at the marina.

Brand Design

We first tackled Barker’s logo. Their original one wasn’t bad. It had your typical nods to nautical life, but it wasn’t unique to them. If you put another business name next to it, it could really be fitting for any marina or boat repair shop. We chose to play off of the use of a ship’s wheel from the original logo but pushed it a bit further. We incorporated a scripted “B”, made to look as if it was made out of thick rope you’d use to tie up a large boat. The interconnectedness of the B provided perfect curvature to develop the rope into slips.

Beyond establishing the logo, brand colors and fonts, we also created many more brand elements and marketing materials. Everything from exterior building signs, print and digital ads, apparel, letterhead, business cards, website updates, a promotional brochure, and more.

Brand Rollout

Like we started with, when a new brand is established for any company, a lot that needs to be thought through and planned for. That’s why we love helping businesses with their brand rollout strategy.

This always starts with a comprehensive brand guideline document. Having a single place that outlines the brand’s purpose, function and acceptable (and unacceptable) uses acts as a great resource for implementing a new brand. This goes for both internally and for any vendors that may work with the new brand. It ensures everyone is on the same page and that the brand’s consistency remains intact.

Our brand rollout process doesn’t stop there, though. Not only do we help with the actual creation of the brand elements that need to be rollout (logos, signs, business cards, website design, etc.), we also help business think through the best way to roll everything out. Whether it’s a complete brand switch or a phased approach. Each is planned and executed strategically so everything gets incorporated seamlessly.


If you have a new brand, or are thinking yours could use an update, let us know. We’d be happy to help you think through the best way to introduce it to the world!