Boreal Bliss

Boreal Bliss believes north is a state of mind and a place in the heart. (Fitting as Boreal means “of the north.”) It’s this belief that drives Boreal Bliss to create opportunities for yogis, of all levels, to feel fully engaged with life through immersive outdoor experiences.

The Challenge

Boreal Bliss had their mission, values and yoga retreats down pat. But they didn’t feel like what they offered shown through easily enough in their branding. On top of that, they found their old branding limiting. They needed something more simple. A new brand that would create a flexible framework to work from as they promote themselves.

The Solution

We played around with several brand concepts, but kept coming back to the same values. Nature, inclusive community and adventure. The tree are an obvious nod to the northwoods that Boreal Bliss’ retreats are help in, but did you notice something unique about the largest tree? It’s branches mimic a yogi doing tree pose. This pose is grounding and helps improve balance and stability. The same things Boreal Bliss strives to instill in people who attend their retreats. Not only in their practice but in their lives back home as well.

The new brand also purposely includes three trees, of various shapes and sizes, as a way to show their dedication to building an inclusive community. Whether you’re a yoga master or are just starting out, Boreal Bliss wants it to be clear that all are welcome and appreciated.


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