Destination Duluth

Destination Duluth is a social media focused organization that promotes Duluth as a destination for life. Among it’s most popular content is the stunning imagery from local photographers, which illustrate the beauty of daily life on the North Shore. Although this imagery was the inspiration for the brand’s color palate, the desired goal of the organization is to tell the story of Duluth’s community; that meant we needed to shift the focus from landscape photography to lifestyle imagery of the Twin Ports region. The voice of the new brand is active, inclusive, outgoing and knowledgeable. The logo combines elements of the ‘D’ which is representative of the name, it mimics a digital communication bubble, it hints to a location pin and lastly, it resembles a book or the ‘story-telling’ component of the brand. In the end, the overall brand is versatile, flexible and bold, which is exactly what they needed for their organization.


The website design for Destination Duluth is extremely nimble and intuitive, while maintaining the ability to carry an ample amount of content. It’s structured in a way that allows the visitor to quickly read through the many interesting posts on the homepage with the option to view individual photo galleries. Upon scrolling to the bottom of the ‘feed’ the visitor finds themselves perfectly positioned to choose a path for themselves based on whether they’re looking to find a home, a job or to share their own ‘Duluth’ story.