DLH Clothing | RE DLH


First of all, for those that don’t know, Šek owners, Mike and Sarah, also own DLH Clothing. So we’re no stranger to working with the DLH brand. These past couple years have been extra fun as they gave us the opportunity to expand the store’s space, try out some new designs, put a different spin on some digital promotional pieces (an absolute must in retail-land). And most recently, launched RE DLH!

What is RE DLH you might ask?

Well, it’s DLH Clothing’s effort to give people an avenue to trade in their gently-used DLH clothing for an in-store credit towards a new DLH purchase. While this program sits under the overarching DLH brand, we wanted to give RE DLH its own look to help distinguish and promote it.

Solution: RE DLH Branding

The first problem we had to solve for was what to call this new initiative. We only came up with a handful options, but RE DLH stood out to us at the top choice. We liked that it played off of the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle). The shortness of it also felt like the right fit given the brevity of the DLH name.

For the initiative’s branding, we wanted it clear what the initiative is right off the bat. We included ‘pre-loved’ to help signify the secondhand focus without sounding like a lower quality thrift store. The heart used within the ‘D’ helps tie into the pre-love note as well. We included the DLH Clothing name to ensure people would instantly know the connection. It’s simplicity made it wonderfully flexible for signage, use on tags, and for digital promotion.

RE DLH is up and running as of spring of 2023, so stop on in at DLH Clothing’s store in Lincoln Park to trade in your pre-loved DLH wears!

More DLH

We’re constantly working on new DLH projects. So we don’t capture nearly everything we’ve done on our Work page — please check out the DLH website to see all products we’ve designed. But below are a few in depth looks at some DLH designs.