Greg Follmer | Follmer Fiesta

It’s not news that a LOT of things have been postponed or cancelled in the wake of Covid-19. Follmer Commercial Real Estate has not only missed their usual in-person client interaction throughout 2020, but they also had to cancel one of their most popular events. The annual Follmer Fiesta.

The Fiesta had long been a fun way for clients (current, past and prospective) as well as friends to all get together and connect. With the Fiesta being put on hold this year, the Follmer team still wanted to accomplish two things. One, announce that the event was cancelled, and two, show their gratitude for the support they received throughout 2020.

With those in mind, we created custom artwork all around the theme of ‘the Follmer Fiesta is taking a siesta’. Adjusting it to seamlessly fit each use space, we created a custom card, social media asset and email header. This package equipped the Follmer team to connect with their regular attendees across multiple platforms.

While we think it all turned out great, we can’t wait to all be in person again at next year’s Fiesta!

More Follmer Work

Creating client communication pieces aren’t the only time we’ve partnered with Follmer. We also worked to redesign the layout and functionality of their website. Check it out to see what’s moving in the world of commercial real estate.