For Floral Sake

Choosing to start your own business is an exciting, yet equally taxing, decision. You may be stepping away from a steady paycheck and now needing to learn how to set up an LLC and figure out how to market your business on social media. (Should I be on TikTok??) Outside of the keep-you-up-at-night tough pieces of starting your business, there’s plenty of fun to be had too. Like figuring out who you want your business to be. Its style, personality, look, what you want to be known for, etc. These are all exciting elements to consider when developing your business’ brand identity.

When you’re starting from scratch, your business can be whatever you want. It can be artistic and innovative like Apple. Inspirational like Nike. Exciting and visionary like Tesla. Or maybe rugged and outdoorsy like Jeep. Whichever direction you choose will help to breath life into your business.

For Floral Sake

We had the opportunity to help For Floral Sake in its infancy establish its own personality. After learning about the business’ goals and vision from owner Beth Hanson, we developed three design concepts to articulate directions the brand could take. Beth wanted her brand to capture the uniqueness of her services and spirited style, all the while still being flexible enough to move into the future visions she has for the business.

Beth ultimately chose the concept you see below that played off the cheekiness of the business’ name. The brand’s direction includes an ombre color scheme, leaning on purple and green. The same tones that are naturally found in flowers and greenery Beth loves to use in her arrangements. The logo was formatted to visually enhance the floral message while staying fairly simplistic. The tagline, “Flowers with a modern twist”, particularly resonated with Beth as she felt it captured her business model and playfulness.


See how the brand came through across various elements below, and let us know if Šek can help you showcase your business’ personality.