We have a blast developing brands from the ground up. Diving into loads of research, concepting, naming, branding – we love it all. So when Kelly Smith came to us wanting to completely rebrand her design business, we jumped at the opportunity.

Kelly owns a design consulting company that focuses on layout and built-in interior finishes. She enjoys working with clients to create something that fits their lifestyle, bringing both aesthetics and function to their home. Learning more about Kelly and her business, we discovered just how much her work helps instill that feeling of home for her clients.


With that focus of creating spaces that feels like home, we began researching new business names. Ultimately, we were led to various Scandinavian words as potential new names. Not only is Kelly’s style inspired by Scandinavian design, but she, as well as the Duluth community she serves, has strong ties to the Scandinavian region. After much searching and consulting with a native speaker, we landed on the word “hemma” as the new name for her business. Hemma is a Swedish word meaning “at home”. It’s simple, easy to pronounce, and captures the feel Kelly brings into the spaces she designs.


With the name in place, we developed the visual brand to accompany it. Continuing with the Scandinavian theme, the brand came to life as a careful balance of minimalism and the incorporation of natural elements. We leaned into a color palette that is modern to match Kelly’s and the Scandinavian style. The colors were also chosen methodically to ensure they play nicely with natural textures. The faded shape-filled background is was an original creation. It uses the negative space of the H’s, M’s, and E’s letter openings. This small touch gives the brand a pattern as unique as the solution Kelly creates for her customers. Finally, throughout the design elements, we infused examples of Kelly’s work to let her touch really shine through.

The whole brand came together wonderfully and truly captures the style and professionalism customers can expect to receive from Kelly and her team. If your business is in need a rebrand to better showcase what you do and who you serve, let us know!