Kevin Kalligher | Website

These days, if you want to learn about a product where do you go? The business’ website. Researching vendors to hire? You look through each vendor candidates’ website. If you want to compare prices for a service? You guessed it. You check the websites of various service providers.

Websites have become our to-go source for information these days and for good reason. Website design and development options leave the door wide open to endless possibilities. Companies and individuals have all sorts of creative freedom for explaining or showcasing who they are, what they do/offer, and why they’re different.

Kevin Kalligher

We worked with Kevin Kalligher previously to establish his personal branding. Kevin is a real estate agent with RE/Max Results, and a darn good one too. Being in an extremely competitive industry, as well as a competitive market, Kevin understands the necessity of standing apart and connecting with potential customers. We took on his website homepage design as an opportunity to do just that. We envisioned his website as a place potential customers could be introduced to Kevin and learn more about what makes him the right choice when looking to buy or sell your home.

While keeping the Kevin Kalligher website clean and simple, we incorporated engaging content to pull a viewer down further on the page. The top hero video was created to provide clients an engaging, quick view of the types of homes Kevin represents. From there, the page lays out addition sections to learn more about Kevin, featured homes as well as client testimonials. We also included a feed to his recent social media activity as an opportunity for people to engage with him further.

See how his site came to life, visit And if you’d like to see more websites we’ve designed, you can find plenty more to scroll through here.