Lyric Opera of the North | 2021 Summer Sparkler

Events. A lot goes into them. Most importantly, their promotion so people actually know about them and show up. We had the pleasure of once again partnering with Lyric Opera of the North (LOON) to create a postcard mailer for their upcoming Summer Sparkler event.

Postcard Mailer

We’ve helped LOON promote their annual Summer Sparkler before, so the main challenge was keeping this year’s mailer unique compared to past years. With the event happening in August, we centered the color palette on warm colors you’d find in a beautiful summer sunset. We did this to instill a sense of the ideal summer night attendees can expect to enjoy at the event.

Beyond the colors, we wanted to give special attention to the location of the event, the Historic Scott House. The house butts up to lake Lac La Belle, the ideal spot for the beloved Lyric Opera of the North loon to hang out. This scene gave us the perfect backdrop to illustrate the magical landscape event goers will experience.

An adaptation of the postcard mailer design was also created to be used across social media and other digital platforms to help grow awareness of the fundraiser.


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