MineraLogic | Photoshoot & Website

MineraLogic is a specialty mining geochemistry consultancy. You may be wondering what that really means — we did at first too. To break it down further, MineraLogic identifies and manage geochemical interactions between minerals, water, and the atmosphere so they can help their clients eliminate risks and take advantage of opportunities.

Ok, with that basic knowledge of who MineraLogic is, let’s dive into the problem they were facing.

Client Challenge

MineraLogic had a website that was pretty well laid out. It contained some decent information about what they do and showcased their team, but it was still lacking something. That something was a true representation of who MineraLogic is as a business and a clear understanding of who and how they help. The old site also felt a bit cold and didn’t make much of a connection with visitors.

Approach: Discovery, Photoshoot, Design

Before we did anything, it was pivotal for us to really understand MineraLogic, the work that they do, their goals and their client base. This helps us have a solid foundation to work from so we’d know how to represent them and how best to design their site to appeal to their ideal customer.

Once we had all of that information collected, the first piece we wanted to tackle was incorporating more of a human element to their website. One seamless way to do this is imagery. MineraLogic didn’t have a library of images to work with so we set up a photoshoot. Two to be exact. One outdoors where the team was in their element collecting samples and the second back at their new office space to capture headshots and photos of the team collaborating.

Despite the outdoor photoshoot happening the day after one of those late March Minnesota snowstorm, the scene was great. The team quickly got to work so we were able to just shoot away, no staging necessary. Same with the indoor shoot. They both were almost too good to be true.


The solution, well you can see below for yourself how it all came together.

With an extensive photo library to work with, we reimagined MineraLogic’s website bringing in much more of a human element. We added lots of photos throughout the entire site, again to build that personal connection. The information was broken into more digestible sections on the homepage for easier readability. We also incorporated more nods to Lake Superior’s north shore; the place MineraLogic’s work is focused as well as their office’s homebase.

We emphasized the desired call-to-action, reaching out to MineraLogic, to help encourage outreach from site visitors as well as provided an even balance to the content to help readers flow throughout the pages.

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