MOTIV Physical Therapy

You likely have a picture in your head when you think about Physical Therapy. That picture may include an older person in a stark white room trying to slowly bend their knee to 90 degrees. Super glamorous, right?

Even if that’s not spot on to what you pictured in your head, you likely don’t think of high energy, dancing, fun music, and convenience when you think of a physical therapy appointment. Alex and Bret, owners of MOTIV Physical Therapy, wanted to change that. As a Physical Therapist, Dr. Alex Loch, DPT saw firsthand a multitude of ways the experience of physical therapy could be improved. Alex and Bret began asking questions like:

  • Why does an appointment have to be in a stuffy office?
  • Why does it have to take up almost half your day (drive time, parking, the appointment, getting home, etc.)?
  • And why can’t it be a fun way for people of all ages to get or keep their bodies in peak condition?

MOTIV Physical Therapy

In stretching what’s traditionally done, MOTIV Physical Therapy was born. Ultimately, the business aims to breath some life back into physical therapy. First up: getting out of that stuffy office. MOTIV challenges the notion that physical therapy has to be in person. Using a seamless app experience, MOTIV patients can complete their physical therapy appointments online from the convenience of their own home, cabin, hotel room, wherever.

Convenience wasn’t the only new aspect MOTIV wanted to bring people. They also wanted to make physical therapy much more fun. Incorporating his dance background and high spirits, Dr. Loch, leads patients through an energetic, and personalized, exercise routine. All with the goal of streamlining patients’ recovery as well as boosting their mood.

Brand Design

In developing the brand for MOTIV, we wanted to make sure all of their pivotal business pillars were incorporated. Recovery through movement. A fun, energetic experience. And convenient, personalized care.

We chose a unique, innovative-looking font. It captures the different approach MOTIV brings while still remaining strong enough to stand on its own as the business’ wordmark. While it’s subtle, the roundness of the font brings a touch of approachability to the business.

For colors, we selected a vibrant orange and plum. These both exude the energy customers can expect to receive at a MOTIV appointment. In addition, the colors compliment each other without being over powering or too “loud”. We tested the brand concept in a variety of places we knew the brand would be used. Water bottles, exercise bands, advertisements, the app, etc. Doing this ensures the brand is flexible enough to be used wherever the business wants to be present.


MOTIV’s tagline (as taglines often are) was a real head scratcher. We wanted something simple and memorable. However, we still wanted it to encompass the various differentiating factors MOTIV brings to physical therapy. We went through a lot of options. Like a LOT. One thing we kept coming back to was the desire to capture the virtual part of the business model. Doing this clearly established the online modality, which will help MOTIV attract patients that will be the right fit for their business.

We landed on “wellness, where you are“.

It not only captures the virtual element we wanted to highlight but also puts an appropriate emphasis on the customer. Letting them know that they (their recovery, connivence, needs, etc.) are a priority for MOTIV.


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