PBS North | ‘Cardinal Learning Hub’ Show Branding


We’re back at it! Partnering with PBS North to create an attention-grabbing look for another one of their new programs. This time, we were tasked with developing educational show branding for their new initiative, ‘Cardinal Learning Hub‘. The challenge with this project was to create something fun and kid-friendly while also signifying that the show’s content is educational.


We landed on educational show branding that focused on a mascot — you guessed it, a cardinal. However, we gave the bird a defined and modern structure. While defined, it still incorporated soft components to create a welcoming, warm and approachable icon.  The bird’s body includes the round and open shape of the letter ‘C’. The peak of the cardinal’s head provides hints of a north-facing compass. Fitting in coordination with the show’s parent brand, PBS North. The colors that make up the bird establish a bold, but approachable, color pallet. The chosen colors are also a play on the primary colors (red, yellow, blue), which reinforces the idea of education.

All these elements together help teases the show’s personality: entertaining and educational.

The show’s wordmark is purposely broken up between upper and lower case font usage. The word ‘cardinal’ is lower case to bring a connection with its younger audience. ‘Leaning Center’, meanwhile, uses upper case lettering to bring attention to the show’s educational focus and provide contrast to ‘Cardinal’.

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