Recovery Alliance Duluth | 2020 Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month, and the lead up to it provided us the opportunity to partner with Recovery Alliance Duluth (RAD) once again.

RAD provides peer-based recovery support for individuals and families experiencing substance use disorder. As such, recovery month is something they rally around in full force. However, 2020 stretched RAD to get creative in how they would celebrate those in recovery. Events were moved outdoors and included Covid-19 compliance for participants’ safety but celebrations were planned none the less.

RAD’s promotion for recovery month included a campaign around the theme “Recovery is Real”. We took it a step further by creating the tagline message of ‘no shame, no stigma’. We helped them deliver this message by creating several billboard designs, a new webpage, and social media assets.

Image selection was the largest part of our creative process for this project. We wanted to capture people and situations that felt sincerely real and true. The images needed to account for the fact that those struggling with substance use disorders can come in all shapes, sizes, genders, races, income levels, etc. We landed on imagery that had heart and depth behind them. Ones that viewers could relate to and see themselves in to help humanize RAD’s message. Especially on the billboard designs, impactful photos are key.

To learn more about the events lined up for the month, visit Recovery Alliance Duluth’s website.


Furthermore, if you’d like to see the brand identity work we previously did with RAD, visit our work page.