Sharon McMahon | Podcast Branding

We’ve designed a lot of things over our years. But creating podcast branding for a world’s top 1% podcast whose host has over a million followers on Instagram… Now that was a new one for us.


Sharon McMahon is the host of the beloved Sharon Says So podcast. While the show certainly isn’t going away, Sharon and her network wanted to change the podcast’s name and the category it was in to better reflect the show’s content. And so, Here’s Where It Gets Interesting was born.

With the name change, however, Sharon knew she wanted to take special care with the show’s rebrand. She wanted her new podcast tile to not only match the show’s theme but also look professional and stand out. Differentiating yourself in a crowded market can be challenging but it is also a must. And we can think of no other landscape as crowded as the podcast world. With shows on absolutely everything under the sun, making sure Sharon’s show stands out will be make or break with an unfamiliar name.

Enter Šek.


Sharon McMahon is a former high school government and law teacher, and she is still very much educating through her podcasts. She shares non-partisan information about democracy and US history — often sharing the interesting, and sometimes lesser known, stories of our country and the people who helped shape it.

The fear of any rebrand effort is that recognition will be lost. For that reason, we chose to keep Sharon’s (well-recognized) face as the focus for her brand and podcast tile.

Leaning on the show’s new name, we chose a photo of Sharon that had more intrigue. This not only drawers viewers’ eye, it helps it stand out as it’s different than the millions of typical straight-on, smiling headshot you see.

The color gradient used in her podcast branding is a neutral palette that ties into the non-partisan take of her show. The color gradient also brings depth to the podcast tile without over complicating the small space. Instead, the final design is attention-grabbing but still clean and easy to read.


Branding Across Mediums

While Here’s Where It Gets Interesting is the first podcast we’ve rebranded, we’re no stranger to branding across all sorts of mediums. TV, print, digital, and more. See just some examples of our work below: