The Rambler

Known for putting a twist on classic comfort food, such as their infamous ‘Tachos’ (tater-tot nachos) or equally drool-worthy ‘Ruben Fritters’ (think rueben sandwich meets donut hole) the Rambler was in need of a brand refresh to help tell their story.

The Rambler name itself is meant to represent the vagabond wandering attributes of a man on the road – traveling via boxcar to anywhere the tracks will take him. In the previous version of their brand, the ‘Rambler’ character was more of a cartoon silhouette with a bindle of food and the logo followed a similar exaggerated cartoon look. Our goal was to make the new identity feel more authentic within the setting of Duluth while creating a logo that met the extraordinary level of creativity and quality in their menu. Lastly, we wanted to hint toward elements of MidCoast Catering – the sister company to The Rambler Mobile Restaurant, by using similar typeface and photography elements.

The new brand identity includes real wood textures and lettering from old boxcars. The new ‘Rambler’ character is now a more realistic silhouette holding a guitar instead of a bindle. The guitar seemed to be a more accurate depiction for the culture of Duluth being that The Rambler can be found at most of the Twin Ports music festivals and events throughout the summer. You can track down the Rambler on their newly designed website and order something delicious. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #roameatrepeat and #rambleon as you’re posting those mouth-watering pics.