Truss Financial

Changes to company are big enough on their own. Now throw on top of that having to completely rebrand your business because of those changes. Talk about a lot of your plate.

The Challenge

This was exactly the situation Jason Kuss, LPL Financial Advisor, was facing as his team was forced cut ties with their larger umbrella company. We were brought on to not only help with a full rebrand but were also tasked with naming the business as well.

The Solution: Naming A Business

As a business’ name  can provide direction for the visual design that will accompany it, we started there. Naming a business is alway tricky. It’s like naming your baby after all! Whenever we help name a business we do loads of homework. We learn everything we can about who the business is, who they serve and how they’re different from competitors. We learn what works and adjectives stakeholders in the business like and which ones they dislike. From there we continue by researching scouring the industry. What’s already being used, what’s not, what domains are available, etc. Then we get to work concepting.

In this instance, everything came together pretty nicely (definitely not always the case). After all our research the word ‘truss’ kept popped out. It sounds like ‘trust’, a must-have when you’re giving the management of your money over to someone. But more so, it speaks to the the Cloquet, MN, region the business is located in. The mighty St. Louis River cuts through the city creating the need for numerous bridges throughout the area. Whether for cars, trains or bikers, many of these bridges follow a similar truss bridge style making the name unique and appropriate to the area it serves. Additionally, trusses help keep a bridge strong and allow those passing through to safety get to their destination. We saw this as a perfect metaphor for how the business helps get their clients, safely, to their destination of financial success. One thing we (and the client) especially loved about name is that it helps the business tell their story right from the get-go. Thus, Truss Financial became the new name!

The Solution: Design A Business

The literal object tied to the business new name, paved a nice path for us to build out the rebrand design. We chose a typography that was strong and stable — again, the feeling customers would like to get from their financial institution. We created an industrial T icon with rivets similar to ones you’d see on a truss bridge to tied in nicely with the business’ name.  The color palette was chosen to fit the financial market but in a way that was more approachable.


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We’ve had the pleasure of being able to name dozens of businesses — and rebranded even more. To check out other business naming examples or rebrands, check out our Work page.