UW-Superior | Our Hive

Did you know that the Music Department at The University of Wisconsin Superior hosts more than 50 concerts on campus each year? You’re not alone – we didn’t either.


We worked with the UW-Superior team to develop the ‘umbrella’ brand called Our Hive, which includes the Music, Visual Arts, Theatre, Family Friendly Events and Diversity Events departments. The identity system for ‘Our Hive’ is focused on the hexagon, a shape that occurs in Yellowjacket nests and of course, relates to the UWS mascot. We decided to split the hexagon shape into sections so each department could utilize a part of it in their individualized logos. You can see in the examples below that we’ve used the brand colors, brand shapes and unified photography to tell the story of ‘Our Hive’.


As the launch of ‘Our Hive’ swings into full force this fall, we are confident that more and more students, community partners and residents of Duluth and Superior will take notice of the wonderful cultural experiences to be had on campus at UW-Superior.