DLH Clothing

DLH Clothing was created in the fall of 2014 by Mike and Sarah, after a simple conversation on their couch. “Within an hour we had a name and a rough idea for a logo.” Their goal was to create a line of apparel which celebrated the pride they had for Duluth without being touristy or gimmicky. “Similar to a good friend’s nickname, using the abbreviation DLH puts the focus of the brand on the spirit and feeling of the Twin Ports instead of the word ‘Duluth’.


The DLH  logo is primarily inspired by the hillside and it’s buildings which gradually descend to meet the shores of Lake Superior. The overall shape of the logo hints at northern Minnesota’s ‘arrowhead’ region, which includes the beautiful north shore. “All of our other shirt and apparel designs pay tribute to our local structures, landscapes and characteristics of this beautiful city and the nature that surround us here in Duluth.”