Duluth RoundUp

We can’t say it enough. We love creating good work for good people doing good things. The Duluth RoundUp and its team behind the scenes certainly checks those boxes. We had the pleasure of working with them to develop and design new branding and a completely revamped website for the event promotion of the 2021 Duluth RoundUp.

Duluth RoundUp

The Duluth RoundUp is an annual celebratory meeting that carries the message, programs and fellowship of AA, Al-anon, and Alateen. With the help of the Twin Ports community, attendees can learn about the many support resources available throughout their sobriety journey. The event is chalked full of activities designed to include fun socializing, inspirational speakers, connection to a wider recovery community and enhance spiritual growth.

The Challenge

The annual event once was bursting the seams of the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) but had started to drop in size. The Duluth RoundUp board reached out to us to help breath some new, fresh energy into the event.

The tangible need was a new, much better functioning website, but we didn’t start there. Not right away at least. We first worked to capture what really makes the event special. What keeps people coming back year after year, and how it truly helps those in the recovery community. With the answers to those in mind, we set off to create a new face for the event.

The Solution

Beginning with a logo, we chose to keep it simple. but strong. The upward pointing arrow in the ‘O’ plays off several notes. First, the literal word ‘Up’. Second, the upward mobility the event strives to help attendees achieve. And lastly, it signifies the northland — i.e. the location of the event.

Now pictures are certainly worth a thousand words, but pictures are hard to use for a group that is supposed to be anonymous. We played around with several concepts but landed on carefully crafted line work drawings. A huge part of the event is the community. A safe, open space to share, learn and lean on others that are or have been in similar situations throughout their own journeys to sobriety. The drawing, while simple, encompass the connectiveness and support attendees can expect at the RoundUp.

Event Promotion

With the new look and feel of the event in place, it was time to move on to promotion. And the main vehicle for promotion, a new website. Again, we wanted to keep the website simple. Informative but easy to navigate as it would be the main piece that would be promoted. The website’s design was one thing, but its functionality was a whole separate layer. Information needed to be collected for registration and payment, but not too much (again, anonymous). The event was offering meals throughout the event, but they were add-ons and people could opt-out if they wanted. Partnerships with local hotels were made, and needed to be shared, for attendee accommodations. A lot needed to be include. But we did our best to keep things are simple as possible so it’s not overwhelming to site visitors.

In the end, we think it all came together quite nicely. What do you think?


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