Follmer Commercial Real Estate | Logo Refresh

Sometimes businesses don’t need a full rebrand. Especially if that brand already has great recognition. Sometimes all a company needs is a logo refresh. A logo refresh can be a great way to help modernize the brand without completely overhauling it and causing confusion for customers.


Greg Follmer Commercial Real Estate was in just that position. Follmer is well-known in the area. You can’t miss their notable yellow real estate signs across the region. It would be a huge undertaking for them to try reestablish themselves with an entirely new brand. However, their current brand was beginning to become outdated and a little lack luster.


For Follmer’s logo refresh, our main focus was to make it clean, modern and flexible. We altered the brand’s typography, icon design and tagline but kept the yellow and black color pallet the company is known for. The new design plays off an angle that’s used in the ‘F’ and ‘L’s of the Follmer name (or wordmark). This same angle also helps to make up a custom yellow block that not only bring interest to the brand and its use on different marketing piece but also represents a parcel of land or property plot.

With the logo refresh in place, we created updated exterior and window building signage, business card, and property listing templates. That’s all in addition to the build out of multiple logo variations so the business is fully equipped with any variation they could need going forward.

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