Hemma | Website

We had a blast naming and developing Hemma’s brand. But good branding doesn’t stop at a new logo and brand identity guidelines. It needs somewhere to go.

We helped Hemma roll out their new brand in a number of ways. Letterhead, business cards, client deliverables, even holiday cards, but it became time to go even bigger. A custom web design and development.

Web Design & Development

Knowing Hemma’s strengths and style inside and out from developing their brand, allowed their website design to unfolded fairly naturally. We knew we wanted the site to be clean and modern, much like Hemma’s designs. We incorporated large color blocks to help break up the space and baked in small unique brand elements. Their brand pattern, for example, added additional texture and depth to the site.

As Hemma truly transforms the spaces they work on, we wanted their designs to be the main focus of the site. That way potential clients could get a great sense of their past work and expertise. This was done with large imagery used throughout the site as well as a specific ‘Our Work’ page so viewers could get a great sense of Hemma’s style and experience.

In addition to showcasing their work, we also wanted to provide visitors with a nice introduction to Hemma. Who they are, what they do, and what makes them different from other design firms. We kept the website copy minimal and conversational. We wanted to answer readers’ question but also leave them enticed enough to want to reach out to learn more.

Throughout the web design and development, we kept user ease front and center. This is baked into everything from the site’s simple top navigation to the easily filtered gallery.

Check out Hemma’s custom website (and the beautiful work they do) for yourself at hemmaliving.com