Horizon Wealth Partners


It’s hard to differentiate yourself in a crowded market and it’s hard to build trust with potential customers. Good news, though. Thoughtful and strategic branding can help with both of those!

There are endless financial and wealth management advisors out there, but if you’ve ever worked with a few, you know they are not all alike. Each brings their own level of experience, strategies and customer service. When working with Horizon Wealth Partners to create their financial branding, we wanted to make sure that the value, care and expertise they bring to their client shown through in their branding. To not only help set them apart, but also to help share their story and help build credibility with potential customers.


Like all of our branding projects, we started with a deep dive into who Horizon Wealth Partners is. We learn all about the history of the company. their team, their services, and how they work with their clients. From there, we pulled out pieces that really set them apart. The logo’s icon design incorporates many elements. The strength of a sturdy pillar that can only be provided from years of financial advising experience. A horizon line meant to symbolize looking ahead to the promise of a bright future. A maze for the sometime overwhelming and confusing financial market we need to navigate through. And lastly an ‘H’, obviously standing for the business’ name. The color palette chosen is a mix of stable blues meant to elicit a sense of stability and calm.

We built out numerous variations of Horizon’s new logo from just the icon to a horizontal and stacked orientation. We ensure its use was flexible enough to be used anyway the brand might be present. Letterhead, business cards, print pieces, window decals, social media, office artwork, etc. It all came together beautifully, bringing consistency and credibility to the company.

More Financial Branding

While we’re not an industry-specific firm (far from it in fact), we have worked with other financial focused companies. To see how we incorporated other financial branding, check out our work with Truss Financial and Lake Rock Wealth Management. You’ll notice that while they may offer similar services, their tailored branding helps set them apart and tell their unique story.

If you’d like help revamping your business’ branding, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to discuss how we can partner together.