Kevin O’Brien

It can be tough to win business when you work within a crowded industry. So what do you do?

You focus on differentiating yourself from your competitors. Identifying what makes your business unique is essential for establishing a strong brand and attracting customers. Your business’ unique identifier should be something no other business can say they do. They should be attributes exclusive only to you. 

Real Estate Professional, Kevin O’Brien

Kevin O’Brien is a full-time, licensed real estate professional for Duluth, MN and the surrounding area. Experienced in a very competitive field, Kevin wanted to establish his own identity to help set himself apart from other realtors. Kevin work for Messina & Associates but still understood the value of building his own brand. This is particularly important as his work is so personal to his clients. Tapping into an already establish nickname, KO, we worked to create an individualized visual representation of his brand that would be memorable. 

We design Kevin’s branding to look clean and professional. It was created it to be easily recognized all while still fitting within Messina & Associates’ branding. The red arrow is purposefully positioned to be pointing up and to the right, symbolizing progress and growth. In addition to acting as the apostrophe in Kevin’s last name, this design element is also meant to look like the point of a roof and the northeast region Kevin works in. We chose to lean on black and white elements to allow his wordmark (i.e. his name) to be the focal point. 

See examples of how we incorporate Kevin’s new brand across a number of different brand elements below.