Oh So Smoothie

Individual Nutrition makes fresh, local meals delivered right to your door. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, they went a step further in greatest and launched a sub business that produces (and still delivers!) fresh, freezer-friendly smoothies. The new business’ name, Oh So Smoothie.

While the new business was built to fit under the Individual Nutrition parent umbrella, owner, Katie Dague, wanted Oh So Smoothie to have its own identity and brand. That’s where we came in. We dove deep into the story behind Oh So Smoothie as well as the established brand for Individual Nutrition. We also couldn’t get started on creating the new brand with out first doing loads and loads of competitor and industry research.

Beverage Brand Design

What came from all this background work was a beverage brand design that was clean and simple while still having a fun flare. We choose to leverage black and white versions of the wordmark as the main source of color on the packaging will be brought in from the smoothie itself. This also opens the brand up for integrating nicely with high color, vibrant images that exude light and freshness.

Like all our brand designs (beverage focused or not), we want to ensure our creations are flexible. We developed several variations of the Oh So Smoothie logo to make sure it can fit seamlessly into any space. Tall and skinny, like the label packaging. Long and narrow, like a website or email banner image. Or compact, like a social media profile image. Brand flexibility, while also keeping brand unity in tact, is key to a strong cohesive brand!

Lastly, fun fact about the brand pattern. It’s made us of the Individual Nutrition logo and uses the same light green as one of the Individual Nutrition leaves. We love a good brand design tie in.