Palisade Contracting

Starting a business is challenging. Fact. There is so much to focus on. Getting legal requirements set up, finding and hiring good employees, managing projects. Oh, and let’s not forget actually booking clients! We won’t help you figure out what the best invoicing system is for your business, but we can help with the attracting clients piece.


Through branding. Branding that clearly (and cleanly) represents your business. Our approach to branding takes into consideration the values and personality of your business on top of the services you offer. This deep understand allows us to create a design that helps communicate all of those parts (your services, values, personality, etc.) quickly and effectively.


Nathaniel Beaulieu came to us while he was just starting his company, Palisade Contracting. He had a strong vision for what he wanted the business to be and how he’d approach things differently than other contractors. However, he didn’t have a brand for his business. No look and feel that was his own. And therefore, no cohesive marketing materials that he could share with customers and prospective customers.


Like all projects, our first step was to get to know Nathaniel and all we could about Palisade. One thing we learned that we thought was interesting was that the name came from Nate growing up near Palisade Head on the north shore of Lake Superior. The area is absolutely breath-taking, but beyond that he liked that it had a tie to family and that it was something sturdy and solid (rock cliffs). Being in the contracting business, sturdy and solid are the name of the game, so we wanted Palisade’s branding to have that aesthetic as well.

You’ll see below, the icon we created obviously includes a ‘P’ for Palisade, but it also makes up the framework of a two story house. The vertical linework on the left of the ‘P’ also represent the vertical cliffs of Palisade Head. The typeface is strong but not flashy, representing the clean-cut work Palisade provides.

Using these elements we put together various logo variations in different colors and orientations. Stacked, on one line, just the icon, the icon with the wordmark, etc. That way, Palisade is equipped with whatever logo layout and file type they could ever need in the future. Whether that be for use on business cards, shirts, you name it. We’re here to set up any business we work with for success.

Want to See More?

As business branding is our bread and butter, we have no shortage of branding examples. Check out the brand identity projects we’ve done and reach out if you’d like help branding your business.