PBS North | ‘The Great Minnesota Recipe’ Show Branding


PBS North believes in the power of a well-told story to engage, inspire and enrich the lives in the communities they serve. They follow that mission with every new show they roll out, and boy are they rolling out some great new ones! With the introduction of every new show, however, comes the need for show branding.

Think of Netflix. Each show tile you see has its own unique look. It may be something you don’t consciously think about as you scroll, but subconsciously, your brain is picking up on clues from each of those small tiles. When done well, show branding gives you insight into the feel of the show, hints of the storyline, and possibly who’s in the cast – all in a blink of an eye.

So how did we brand each of PBS North’s new shows to encompass what the show is all about? And how did we do it in a clean way that flexible enough to be used on-screen, on social media, on merchandise, etc.?



It all starts with a lot of research. Research into the show to ensure we have a full understanding of what the final show will be about and research into the show’s competitors. From there we get to work concepting ways to concisely represent each new show in a way that’s authentic to the show while also being uniquely eye-catching to the audience.

For The Great Minnesota Recipe, we landed on show branding that combines a sturdy, attention-grabbing typography with a friendly script font. The combination creates an interesting wordmark that bring attention to the show’s local Minnesota focus while also having a softer personal feel. We used warm, welcoming orange tones as the brand’s main colors, but selected a wide array of  images that branding can be overlayed on as well. The images are again Minnesota specific. Think hot dishes, checkered plaid, families cooking together, etc. Essentially things the Minnesota audience would recognize and feel a connection to.


Up Next

There’s more to come from PBS North in terms of new shows, but in the meantime, check out our Work page to see other branding we’ve created.