PureDriven | Branding

Whether you’ve heard the saying “sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees” or not, I’m sure you can relate to the sentiment. It’s easy to focus solely on your customers and the work right in front of you and become less concentrated on your business’ holistic vision. 

Our longtime partner, PureDriven, was in a similar situation. They had an established brand, and do fantastic work for their clients, but were in need of revamping their own marketing efforts. Their primary objective was to highlight who they are and how they want to represent themselves to prospective clients.

We started first with creating brand guidelines to help Pure Driven maintain the quality and integrity of their brand’s identity across their marketing efforts. Our goal was to showcase what makes them stand apart from other online marketing firms. Imagery, typography, and website graphics were thoughtfully created to showcase the personalized and proactive manner in which Pure Driven operates. A website homepage video and employee features were also designed to help position the brand as approachable. See other ways we brought Pure Driven’s brand to life through the examples below. 


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