Schemmer’s Cleaning Services

Advertisements can work great, but there is a cost effective, non-aggressive way to spread the word about your business. Vehicle wraps. Truck, car or van wraps are a great way to grab the attention of a large audience directly in the area you do business. Instead of hoping your ideal customer sees your magazine ad, your vehicle can roll right into their view.

Schemmer’s Cleaning Service understands the positive impact this type of advertising can have and partnered with us to design a van wrap for their delivery vehicle. Schemmer’s cleans all sorts of areas of your home. One of which being rugs of all sizes. Now you might be thinking, ‘Ok, they clean rugs. They’re a cleaning business, what’s so special about that?’ Well, Schemmer’s doesn’t come into your home and take over your space while they’re cleaning like other businesses. Instead, their team picks up your rug, has it professionally cleaned at their facility and then delivers it right back to you. No fuss, no muss. Pretty neat, right?

Van Wrap Design

With this unique service, we wanted to create their van wrap design to quickly and easily showcases the pick up and delivery option Schemmer’s has. We kept the design fun; looking as if you can see the actual rugs inside the van. A variety of rugs were chosen for the image to show the wide array of rugs Schemmer’s can clean. We also expanded their logo from the commonly used blue shape encasement to allow for better visibility to the business’ name.

Additionally, we added a strip of blue along the bottom of the van design. This not only ties in Schemmer’s brand colors, it also allows for a spot for dirt and snow, should it build up. This keeps any elements off of the images of the rugs themselves. Afterall, we don’t want them to unintentionally drive around with “dirty” rugs.


To see more vehicle wraps we’d designed, visit our work page.