The Rambler | Promotional Poster

If you’re in the Duluth area, you know that The Ramble food truck has a one-of-a-kind (and delicious!) culinary style with a unique brand design to match. Their uniqueness shines through from everything from their bacon wrapped slaw dog to their head-turning green truck. The next unique item on their wish-list, though… A radically, eye-catching promotional poster.


The Rambler came to us wanting a gig-style promotional poster for their food truck. An interesting and tall order, yes, but one we jumped at!


So what was our solution? Well, an ultra unique, out-of-this-wold, next-level vibe poster design. But while the finished piece turned out great, it was a long road to get there. There were lots of iterations and some complete rehauls. In the end, though, we landed on the version you see below.

In the final design, the beloved rock islands of the north shore have transformed into the rambler himself, strumming away on his guitar. The Rambler trucks isn’t even fully present, but instead is making its way into the water—to be reunite with the Rambler, of course. Details can be found throughout the piece from the amp-squatting seagull, nods to Duluth, the rocky Lake Superior shore, and so much more. Add cool, almost eerie-toned colors and three moons in there for a final touch, and voilà, one super rad promotional poster.

More on The Rambler

This poster design isn’t our first rodeo with The Rambler. We actually helped them create their whole brand identity as well as their logo, truck wraps, website, t-shirt design, etc. Check out the full story behind that redesign here.