Vikre Distillery | Velo & Briar Cocktails

We’re probably just as excited as Vikre that the release of their Vélo and Briar cocktails are finally here! We’ve been working on their designs and packaging since 2020. Like many things in 2020, though, the pause button got pushed. But they’re finally out in the world now!

Like the original Frenchie cocktail, the goal of the new cocktails’ design was to create something fun and bold while featuring whimsical hand-drawn animals that weren’t too childish. The designs had to be able to expand to cans, boxes and the website as well as tie together nicely with the greater series of Vikre canned cocktails.

The basis of the overarching Frenchie brand came from the (also hand-drawn) French bulldog, ‘Frenchie’. The drawing paired along with feminine bold pops of color pulled everything together. To ensure all the cocktails have a consistent feel, we followed suit for Vélo and Braiar. The same playful polka-dots were used along with amusing  drawings of the characters themselves. Although the drawings sure took a lot more time to work out than any other part of the design.

Final Product

With cheerful Vélo and his bicycle, along with ready-to-have-a-chat Briar and his cap, in place the designs all came together seamlessly. These new additions round out the Frenchie and Friends cocktail series, producing a very fun, and extremely unique, brand and package design.


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