Vikre Frenchie Cocktail

Over the past 4+ years, we’ve had the privilege and pleasure of helping them to design rack cards, brochures, labels, posters and a few other odds and ends for their Duluth-based distillery. When they approached me in February of 2018 about designing the packaging for a new canned cocktail, based on a French 75, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to create a unique design that would stand out among the competition. The goal of the overall Frenchie brand was to create something feminine and bold while featuring a hand-drawn dog without being too childish. The brand had to be able to expand to packaging, in-store displays, clothing, website and eventually a potential series of canned cocktails. The basis of the brand had to come from the dog drawing itself. We came close to the final look with the polka-dots and ‘Frenchie’ font but the drawing took a lot more time to work out than any other part of the design. See more about ‘Frenchie’ in our blog post.