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education and professional experience illustration from Šek Design Studio's Blog

Wait, We Didn’t Cover This

With school back in session — in all sorts of forms these days — we’ve been picking, Šek designer and current University of Minnesota Duluth student, Kasey’s mind about all sorts of things. We won’t share her thoughts and challenges with an ever changing high ed landscape due to Covid-19, but we did ask her…

Movo Studio exterior space design created by Šek Design Studio

What Your Space Says About Your Business

We’ve all sat in a restaurant where the tables did match, maybe the paint on the wall was chipping, or the whole meal felt a little like being in your grandma’s basement. When an experience has a disconnect from a service it leaves a lasting, negative memory. And we all know how negative experiences get…

Branding Drives Business Growth Illustration created by Šek Design Studio

Why Invest in Branding

Before we get into the impact an investment in branding can have, let’s start at the beginning… What is branding? Branding is the process of giving meaning to a company, product or individuals by creating, and shaping, how a brand is perceived by consumers. Branding is a strategy designed by organizations to help people quickly…

Website on a pedestal illustration by Šek Design Studio

Your Website May Not Be The Problem

Why is my business not growing? I bet it’s my website. If only it looked like company X’s site, I’m sure I could get more sales. Sound familiar? Businesses often think that just a few changes to their website will be the elixir to their bottom line troubles. Websites are commonly seen as a business’…

DLH Clothing store floor decals

Informing Safely and Intentionally

Over the past several weeks, many businesses have been able to turn their closed signs to open; DLH Clothing being one of them. With the reopening, came the addition of various procedures to safely welcome back both customers and staff. One of the ways to do that? You probably guessed it because you’ve seen it…

Šek Design Grant

Designed to Help

Designers are problem solvers by nature. We can help simplify a message, visually communicate a feeling, or inspire an action.  While we can’t, however, solve the number of larger, more devastating problems we’re facing right now, we’d like to at least help in some way. That’s why we created the Šek Design Grant. We’re offering…

Frenchie Cocktail packaging design, created by Šek Design Studio

Frenchie Cocktail – Behind The Design

INTRODUCTION It’s 5:20 on a Wednesday afternoon, Thunderstruck is blaring over the speakers inside the gym, and I’m just about to start my second set of dead-lifts when I have to stop myself from laughing out loud. Here’s what happened. I just imagined what all of these mostly macho classmates would think if they knew…

Serve People, the importance of brand connection from Šek Design Studio

You Serve People, Not Potatoes

You serve people, not potatoes. Your clients and partners know how hard you work and how much you do for the community but what does the general public see? How will a potential partner view your organization or business if they don’t know you? They’re likely not looking for a ‘dive’ adventure. I love a…

Buy sharper knifes, thoughtful design from Šek Design Studio

Buy The Sharper Knives

It’s 5:45 on a Friday night, we have company coming over in 15 minutes and I still have to prepare food for our guests. Luckily, we’ve got beautiful farm-share veggies and greens for the salad and it’ll only take me five minutes to chop the ingredients. I reach for the Epicurean cutting board with my…


Selective Focus: Perfect Duluth Day

We were very excited to be approached by Brian Barber of Perfect Duluth Day, who wanted to learn a little bit more about our background in a regular segment called ‘Selective Focus’. Click here to view the full segment. Mike Smíšek: I primarily work as a graphic designer but my background is in drawing and…