What Your Space Says About Your Business

Movo Studio exterior space design created by Šek Design Studio

We've all sat in a restaurant where the tables did match, maybe the paint on the wall was chipping, or the whole meal felt a little like being in your grandma's basement. When an experience has a disconnect from a service it leaves a lasting, negative memory. And we all know how negative experiences get shared...

Now, to avoid a disconnect, we're not talking about matching denim with denim. What we're talking about is telling a consistent 'story'. 

So how are you doing? How is your brand conveyed in your business' physical space? Does it feel like an extension of your story? Does it further emphasize your company’s mission? Does it provide the experience you want your customers to have with your business?

Part of every branding project Šek does includes the option for consultation or design elements to improve your Environmental Design. Environmental Design sounds like something you'd expect to hear about from a government agency, but to us, it's all about the environment that surrounds your brand.

Here's how we go about helping people improve the design of their space.


Our approach to integrated environmental or experience design (interior or external) starts with the Discovery Process. First we like to have a conversation with you and your team members to learn more about the current design and where you might be struggling to integrate your brand. We take endless notes, including sketches and thumbnail ideas along the way. The intent is to capture the unique elements that we can incorporate into your space to tell your story.


Next, we translate the design direction into your physical space through interior fit and finish. We design the interior layout with customers' and employees' experience and usability in mind. Materials and finishes are selected that align with your brand standards and aesthetics. We work closely with you throughout this process and provide imagery of the proposed design as well as material samples so you have a complete understanding the final product before any of the physical work starts.


We don't just stop at the final design. We also offer furniture, fixture, and equipment selection. In addition, we can also take on the role of Construction Administration, where we work directly with the contractor throughout construction to bring the design to life. That way you can focus on what you do best, running your business!

At the end of the process, you will have an innovative and effective workspace that is perfectly “on brand.”


Interest in revamping your own space?

Give us a call. We'd love to help create an environment that perfectly represents your business and gives your customers and employees an experience they won't forget.