Our Space

If you find yourself traveling along Superior Street in Duluth, look above the Electric Fetus and you’ll see our logo on the windows of the upper level. We installed them on the windows of Šek’s studio space on a 20 degree day with a little help from our friends at Radiant Window Cleaning, who graciously lent us a ladder.

We moved into the building in May of 2016 and eventually built out the space to function as a dual purpose space for two businesses. Because Mike and Sarah also operate DLH Clothing from the same location we needed to have room to display our line of apparel. The front of the office serves as a showroom for DLH, while the desks and conference table are primarily used by Šek Design. As of January of this year, we’ve started renting a second space in the building where we keep clothing inventory, packaging materials and DLH’s head office.

The natural light, plants and open layout helps us to keep our mind clear and creative. Šek’s studio space is a modest space and a ‘grand tour’ would take about 3 minutes but we love it here and it’s a perfect fit for our small studio. Feel free to stop in and say “Hi” anytime. We’ll happily poke our heads up over our computers to greet you.