Vikre | Rêve Cocktail


‘Challenge’ used loosely here. While creating something new always has its challenges, projects from Vikre are just so fun! And the new Rêve cocktail was no exception.

Vikre partnered with Wild State Cider in the release of two new drinks. Vikre release their seasonal Rêve cocktail and Wild State produced a new Daydream cider. (More on the Daydream can design coming soon…)

The Rêve cocktail was distilled from a batch of Wild State’s apple-pear cider and aged in port barrels. The resulting brandy was split between Vikre and Wild State where each company used it as the base for different aromatic and enticing sparkling cocktails. Wild State’s Daydream is light and spritzy. While Vikre’s Rêve is spicy and redolent with cardamom, rosemary, and apricot.

They needed zero help in the flavor profile side of things, but they did loop us in to design Rêve and the cocktail’s packaging.


Having already created Vikre’s other canned cocktails, the overall system for how we’d create the Rêve can was already in place. There was just the small task of creating Rêve the fox. The character creation always takes the most time. We carefully landed on just the right balance of whimsical character that wasn’t too childish or too lifelike, while cohesively matching the rest of Vikre’s canned cocktail characters. The word rêve means ‘dream’ in french. (Fun fact, huh?) So we expanded the Rêve character to dreamily looks up at a small moon, and of course, have an adorable nightcap.

The rest of the can’s design plays off of the established polkadot theme we previously used for the other cocktails. However, this time, we incorporated so really fun metallic and gloss finishes making the whole piece really pop off the shelves.

Pick up your own Rêve today while season supply lasts!

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