Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD) | Bulky Items Advertising Campaign


Advertising your company’s services is a great way to get the word out, but how you convey the details of what you provide in a quick and digestible way can be challenging. Not to mention the difficulty that comes with getting the viewers of your ads to take action after seeing it.

Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD) offers a LOT of services, but they wanted to give extra visibility to their bulky item pick up. The goal was to get the word out in a massive way, so WLSSD purchased a billboard spot, bus ads (exterior and interior), and advertising in Duluth’s downtown skyway. In addition to getting the word out, WLSSD also wanted to make sure it was crystal clear what steps someone should take to get rid of their junk. That’s where we came in!

Solution | Advertising Campaign

Like all of our projects, we started by getting a firm grasp on how the program worked. Once we understood the process, we got to work. We kept the messaging simple and focused on the problem potential customers have — having excess junk they want to get rid of. We made it clear that WLSSD was the perfect fit to help customers get rid of said junk and clearly outlined what they need to do next to make that happen. Including a QR code will allow us to capture interest right away and make it extremely simple for someone to take the first step. A QR code was a great option as these ads would be fairly larger and in places where viewers could easily scan the QR code.

We also created a custom graphic of tattered furniture and junk pieces to help quickly showcase the various pieces WLSSD would accept. Creating a graphic in grey scale allow the ads to stay cleaner than it would have been through using actual images of junky items.

The overall layout is informative but includes enough open space for the information to be easily digestible.

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