Auntie Lisa’s

Move aside free range eggs, there’s a new sheriff in town — free range pickles!

Hailing from Minnesota’s iron range, we got a chance to fall head over dill for Auntie Lisa’s homemade pickles and witty brand personality. We helped capture, and share, Auntie Lisa’s wit while designing the business’ overall brand as well as label design.

Beyond the brand’s lighthearted nature, the business’ story is ripe with heart. Auntie Lisa has been pickling veggies in her home on the Iron Range for over 20 years. Initially only letting her close family and friends get a taste, Lisa is now sharing her pickled creations with world. We captured the homegrown, hand-crafted touch through the brand’s look to let consumers know they’re buying something special. Letting the story behind Auntie Lisa’s shine not only gives the brand meaning, it also allows the products to stand out from competitors.

Label Design

When it came to the label design, we kept things clean and simple. We wanted the label to be easy to read but also peppered with humor to retain the theme of playfulness. Nods to Auntie Lisa’s hometown roots as well as hand-drawn vegetables were also incorporated in the label design for added elements of flare. Lastly, as we like to do with all of the brands we work with, we carved out a spot to showcase Auntie Lisa’s story to fold in the personal touch the business exudes and bring customers along for the ride.

Canned at MidCoast Catering, these pickles (as well as pickled onions, giardiniera mix and green beans) pack a delicious punch. Auntie Lisa’s creations will be sold on The Rambler food truck as well as various farmer’s markets and events this summer. Pick up a jar and enjoy a chuckle along with your favorite pickled veggie.


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