Bear Swamp Construction

Bear Swamp Construction may have an unusual name at first g lance, but it’s got a meaningful back story. The name Bear Swamp actually came from the owner’s,  Nate Cretinon, hometown roots of Bear Swamp, South Carolina. Now located in Silver Bay, Minnesota, the company works on remodeling projects of all kinds.

The Challenge

Bear Swamp Construction was a well running business, but their branding and marketing was none existent. They didn’t have a logo, business cards, or a unified look of any kind. That’s where we came in. With Nate beautifully crafting and reimagining homes, we took the reins on the branding side of things so the company could focus on what they do best — construction.

The Solution

The logo design came together by combining a bear (but like a tough-looking bear) with a commonly known tool (i.e. a hammer). The bear not only looks tough, it’s also broken up using the same angles found in framing used when building or renovating a home. The client wanted to go bold, so the red, white and grey color scheme was introduced to solidify the brand.

More Design

Bear Swamp was not our first rodeo in terms of branding construction companies. To check out other branding and marketing work we’ve recently done for other construction companies, visit our Diser Construction and K+W Builders pages.