Diser Construction

How do I want my business to be perceived by potential customers? How does my business stand apart from competitors? What do I want my business to be known for? These are pivotal questions to answer when deciding how to bring your business to market. Developing a cohesive plan for your business’ brand will help your company differentiate itself, attract new customers, develop credibility, build recognition, instill consistency, and so much more. 

Diser Construction understood the importance of creating a strong brand identity. They had a logo created previously but wanted to better establish and align their business. Diser also wanted to differentiate themselves from other contractors and create a memorable visual representation of their company.

Through partnering with Diser, we rebranded their business, starting with the logo — the face of a business. With the desire to focus on residential projects, we kept a house as an element within the logo. A capital “D” was also incorporated to tie to the brand name. The window of the house was intentionally filled in to add a touch of warmth to the design showing that someone is home. This signify the personal feel Diser approaches their projects with, knowing that they’re working on spaces where customers live, work, and play.  The colors were methodically selected as well to contrast nicely with Diser’s black vehicles and equipment.  

Through this concept, we were able to provide a clear strategy with which Diser Construction can move forward from to create even more bran pieces. Check out the brand transformation below!