Flora North

It’s a no-brainer that vehicle design wraps can be a great way to get your business visibility all over town. What’s recognized less often, however, is how impactful vehicle wraps can be for introducing who your business is to potential customers. Yes, a vehicle design can display your business’ name and phone number. But it can also indicate specifics about your services and your business’ personality. Vehicle designs can show if you’re clean cut and professional or fun and approachable. It’s a nice quick intro as you’re driving around.

Flora North

Flora North is a Duluth-based botanical shop. Their nature inspired floral arrangements feature Minnesota and US grown blooms as often as possible. With these local and natural pillars in mind, we created a vehicle design from their delivery van that not only stands out but also matches the esthetic of the business.

Flora North creates arrangements for all occasions, weddings being their most popular requests. In addition, their shop is full of an amazing selection of house plants ranging from mini succulents to large fiddle leaf fig trees. On top of all of that, their shop also carries numerous gifts and home decor. So when it came to concepting a design for their van, we wanted to make sure the vehicle wrap didn’t alienate any segments of the business.

The design we created captures the soft, natural elements the shop focuses on. It’s bold enough to grab viewers’ attention without being flashy or ostentatious – something Flora North is certainly not.


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