Frosted Faces Foundation | Fun Run Design


Frosted Faces Foundation is a non-profit organization in San Diego, CA committed to advocating for senior animals. To rally their community, they planned an event and reached out to us to create a custom fun run design for it. The design would ultimately be used for promotion on social media, yard signs, and event t-shirts. Frosted Faces wanted something eye-catching created that would nicely represent the event.

Solution: Fun Run Design

Our team came up with all sorts of fun run designs and sketches, but we narrowed in on the design you see below. We, and the Frosted Faces, loved this option because it was attention-grabbing while also uniquely showcased the event. Focusing on a shoe and generic paw print allowed us to be more vague and less pet specific, as Frosted Faces serves mainly dogs but also cares for other animals as well. The design is also evergreen so it can be used year after year. The event can change shape, location, distance, etc. and the design will still apply nicely.

Want More?

If you’re a Frosted Faces fan, or just a pet lover in general, check out the brochure we also created. In it, we show the organization and tastefully promote the work they do around adoption for aging pets.