Frosted Faces Foundation | Brochure

Working for good people doing good things will always be a favorite of our. Frosted Faces Foundation is no exception to that.


In a nutshell, Frosted Faces rescues senior animals and rehomes them. However, the specifics of how they help animals has changed over the years. They were in need of a new way of getting information about their services, financial aid and volunteer opportunities out there. We partnered with Frosted Faces once again to help them create a unique, informative brochure that simply, but thoroughly, explains all that they do so people are equipped with what they need to get involved.


The design of the Frosted Faces brochure is clean and fresh. We broke the content into digestible sections that shine a spotlight on the various services or offerings without making the piece feeling overwhelming. We also loaded the brochure with images. Because after all, what speaks more to animal lovers more than photos of adorable animals?

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