National Bank of Commerce


A lot happened prior to us partnering with National Bank of Commerce (or NBC as they’re commonly known). An acquisition. A global pandemic. Unending organizational pivots—branches having to close down, navigating working remotely, branches reopening, implementing various safety precautions, etc.

During that time NBC’s leadership team reevaluated who NBC is, what they stand for, and what they wanted to be known. Even with that deep work done, they still needed help executing on it. How exactly would they communicate their vision for the business? Both to their customers and potential customers but also to their own employees as well? AND how would it all get shared cleanly and professionally without having a design team on staff?


The answer went beyond just a new gimmicky marketing campaign. And it went beyond having to hire a full-time, in-house designer. The answer came by way of bringing on seasoned designers, strategists and marketers that would work as an extension of NBC’s team. Šek was just that team.

We worked extremely close with NBC’s marketing department and leadership team to fully understand the company’s values and vision for the future. We did extensive industry and competitive research and developed a year long strategic marketing plan. Then we got to work, bringing NBC back to its roots of being a community-focused bank.

We refreshed their brand through mediums like: social, enewsletters, billboards, print ads, bus wraps, and TV commercials. We also grounded their messaging around the tagline, “make more possible”. Using this proactive language encourages the community to think beyond their current state and reach for more. Removing the “we” from the previous tagline (“we make more possible”) takes the focus off NBC and puts it on the communities they serve and their customers. It evokes feelings of inspiration and aspiration, while being open enough to allow the viewer to imprint their own emotional connection—transforming it into both a declaration and an invitation.

Through this reshaping, we brought a uniformity to the brand that helps tell a cohesive message about who National Bank of Commerce is and what they value. Their communities, their customers, and allowing YOU to make more possible.

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