The Duluth Experience

When we were approached by The Duluth Experience to help them develop a new identity, we jumped at the opportunity. Duluth is full of awesome businesses but these guys are among the best promoters of all things Twin Ports and the region benefits in a huge way because of what they do. As we dove further into the project, we realized that we had to focus the attention on the guides and not quite as much on the location of Duluth or even it’s landmarks. We devised a logo that presented the business as an authority on the region, using a badge mark. We also decided to write the word Duluth in a strong lowercase font, so it could feel ‘new’ to anyone who read it. Too often, the word Duluth is overlooked because it’s so heavily used in marketing in northern Minnesota. Combined with a new color scheme that hints to the tours they offer, The Duluth Experience is poised on a strong, yet flexible identity system that they can use for many, many adventures to come.